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Why is my metro Yellow Pages book combined with the White Pages?
Our goal is to continually evolve the Yellow Pages and White Pages to meet changing search needs. This means updating the book format in certain markets.
How long will Thryv Australia continue to produce print books?
Bottom line - as long as there's strong demand for the Yellow Pages and White Pages books, we'll keep printing them. Currently, millions of Australians use our print directories to search for businesses, government organisations and people. In fact, for many Australians, the Yellow Pages and White Pages books are their preferred method of searching for this information.
My browser is not supported what should I do?
We support as many browsers as we can but if this site isn't working properly on your current one, please upgrade it or try another browser, like Google Chrome.
Where can I get more information on Thryv Australia's sustainability commitments?
For more information please visit Our Commitment to the Environment page.
Why don't I automatically receive a White Pages Residential Book each year?
With changes in technology, personal contact information can be located in different ways. In some metro areas where people seem to be less reliant on the information traditionally included in the White Pages Residential Book, we ask residents to confirm they'd like to receive book before we deliver it.

It's easy to order one. Just follow the instructions on our Order book page.

Please note, if we have completed delivery for the year we will put your order on our delivery list next year.
How can I access Yellow Pages and White Pages digitally?


Mobile apps

You can also download our free mobile apps from the App Store or Google Play. Just search for 'Yellow Pages Australia' or 'White Pages Australia'.
How many books can I order for my household?
The default order for each household is one copy of each directory. If you'd like to request more please contact us here. We're happy to send you extra copies, as long as we have the stock on hand.
I don't want to receive any print books. How do I cancel?
Just visit our Cancel book page and follow the prompts.
Who is Directory Select?
Directory Select is owned by Thryv Australia who produce the Yellow Pages and White Pages books. The Directory Select website lets you easily order or cancel printed directories to suit your preferences.
How do I cancel White Pages Residential?
If you've previously ordered a White Pages Residential book but no longer wish to receive it, simply make your request via the contact us page.
If I order extra books will they be delivered each year?
No. We treat a request for extra books as a one-off. If you need additional books in subsequent years, just contact us.
What are the distribution dates for the metro White Pages Residential books?
Please refer to https://corporate.thryv.com.au/book-close-dates , please allow 90 days after the book close date for your directory to arrive.
Your personal information will be used to process your request and in case we need to contact you about your request. We may disclose your personal information to our distribution providers. Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access and seek correction of personal information, about how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how Thryv Australia will deal with complaints - https://corporate.thryv.com.au/privacy. Your personal information may be disclosed outside of Australia as set out in our Privacy Policy.
Can I choose to cancel some books and still receive others?
Yes, absolutely. On both the Order book and Cancel book pages, you can select the specific books you'd like to order or cancel.
When will my book be delivered?
This depends on the book you've ordered and where we are in our book delivery cycle. If your book is currently in stock, it can take up to 8 weeks.
Can I order multiple books for my business through Directory Select?
You can only order one copy through the Order a Book page. If you need multiple copies of the books for your business (for example, if you're a hotel needing one for each room), please contact us here. We're happy to send you extra copies, as long as we have the stock on hand.
I want to order a book outside my area but it's not appearing in the list in the order screen. What should I do?
We only deliver the books allocated to your area (determined by the address you provide). So, for example, you can't order a Brisbane book to be delivered to a Melbourne address.
I use the book but I didn't get one. How do I request one?
Easily fixed. Just submit your request via the Order book page and we'll get you sorted.
How long does my request to cancel a book last?
Once you cancel a book, we will not deliver it to that address unless it gets re-ordered. But remember, your cancellation is linked to the address, not the person. So if you change your address, you may need to change your delivery preferences again by visiting our Cancel book page.
I cancelled my book, but since moving house, I've started receiving it again. What should I do?
Book orders and cancellations are linked to an address, not a person. So you may now be living at an address that normally receives the books. To cancel them, just visit our Cancel book page and let us know your new address.
Once I've cancelled my book delivery, does that mean I'll stop getting books delivered straight away?
The short answer is 'it depends'. Up to three months before delivery, our distribution team gets the list of book cancellations. If this list has already been submitted when you cancel, you'll still receive your (last) book that year and cancellation will take effect from the following year.
How long is my book order valid?
All book orders are considered a 'once off' order.
What if I live in an apartment block? Does my delivery cancellation apply to everyone at my address?
No, your delivery cancellation only applies to your household. So if you live in an apartment block, you may still see books delivered to your foyer or common area so other residents have access to books.
Can my Owners Corporation or Body Corporate cancel delivery of books on my behalf?
Yes. Your Owners Corporation or Body Corporate can opt out of directory deliveries to your building. If this has happened, but you'd still like to receive a directory, we can send one to you. Just request it on our Order book page or Contact us.
What if I want to reverse my cancellation and have books delivered again?
Just contact us here and let us know. We'll arrange to restart your book deliveries.